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We undoubtedly live in a time where change is constant.

You don't actually need to be that old to remember back when your missed phone calls were scratched out on a pink slip of paper from the company receptionist as there was no voice mail system. At my first job out of college in the early 90's, there were cell phones and if you had enough clout you could check it out from the supply room if you were going on a trip. Twenty-plus years later and you can't imagine how you would get by without a cellphone.

Over that same time, our product development tools and practices have evolved immensely. The evolution of CAD software, analysis tools and rapid prototyping has significantly impacted how we develop products today.

As of late, there has been much experimentation and successes with problem solving and product development in the form of agile or design sprints. Speed of learning is emphasized with the Minimally Viable Product approach, which feels to me like a stark contrast to the Six Sigma methodologies of the late 1990s that required data for almost every decision.

Methods, processes and tools will continue to evolve; having the right people will remain the differentiator.

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