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Julie Norvaisas, who is my sister (learn more about sisters in research in this blog), co-founder of Design Strategy and Research at Design Concepts, and now Director of User Experience Research (UER) at LinkedIn, joined us recently to share her perspective on how she approaches user experience research at LinkedIn.

Her presentation went over commonly asked questions and what followed was a lively discussion about design, research and the future of our field.

Below are a few highlights:

Hiring Lessons: “Hiring well is the most important thing that I do”

Hire well; be selective. They have a rigorous process but Julie has learned to trust her instincts, if something comes up that gives them pause they don’t try and explain it away.


At LinkedIn, they have their shared values up and around all over the campus(s). Things like:

  • Members come first
  • Demand excellence
  • Relationships matter
  • Act like an owner
  • Humor
  • Dream big, have fun, get shit done

Likewise, she has built a culture for her team including addressing their shared mission and values. Her team embodies what she feels is important for success in the field. She mentioned words like:

  • Storytelling – engage an audience, be credible, be concise
  • Collaboration
  • Resilience
  • Diplomatic
  • Rigorous – not dogmatic
  • Experimental
  • Curious
  • Empathetic
  • Transparent and social

Sharing Information

Helping people access their team, their insights, combining/collaborating with other teams across over 100 products is one challenge. She and her team have created some tools and approaches to help bring the user closer to everyone in the organization, which are branded to create a fun and memorable identity.

Go ahead and get other there, talk to people, be curious, ask questions and be open to their answers.

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