Design Strategy

Framing and defining innovation opportunities that are grounded in the realities of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.
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Innovation is a leap of faith. Strategy shows you where to step.
Navigating the future can be daunting (and so can navigating the present).

With a design process at the center, we use proven tools and methods to frame innovation opportunities, architect a plan to get there, and guide clients through the rollercoaster of innovation.

Every project is custom-designed to match your challenges and needs.

  • Design strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Strategic foresight
  • Technology strategy
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What's the future of ____?
And what plans do we need to position ourselves in front?

Through rigorous analysis and synthesis, we uncover the patterns, directions, and insights that inspire concept development and inform a viable design strategy at any level of the business model.

Actionable plans that balance the outward and inward view
Voice of customer is critical, but innovation fails without voice of business and context from emerging trends.

We look both outside and inside your organization to craft innovation plans that aren’t just desirable, but feasible and viable, too.

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Payment Security Insurance
Despite an uptick in the economy in recent years, many people still live paycheck to paycheck.

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"What we accomplished in six months with Delve would have easily taken us 18 months to get through on our own."
Leah Ujda, Director of Research & Design, Widen Enterprises

Insights & Strategy Team

Design Researchers and Design Strategists have a lot in common. Both roles deeply understand the users and context in which innovation will exist. They translate observations and patterns from people and the world into inspiration and direction for product, innovation, and business, strategies.

Design Strategy Offerings

  • Opportunity areas
  • Innovation roadmaps and playbooks
  • Futurescapes and trendscapes
  • SWOT
  • Competitive analysis
  • Future scenario envisioning
  • Service and customer experience blueprint
  • Mission, vision, value definition
  • Business model scenarios
  • Measurement strategy
  • Value proposition development
  • Journey maps
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What is design strategy and why do you need one?
Design Strategy is a process and approach for creating or re-inventing businesses and directing innovation/new growth strategies. I think few people have heard of design strategy though they might already be doing something similar, perhaps under the name innovation strategy or product strategy.
How STEEPLE Analysis Informs Design Strategy
STEEPLE analysis is a tool for scanning your external environment. It helps teams understand phenomena and imagine new opportunities.
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How to write 'How Might We' questions for product strategy
Translating research into actions is often more art than science. We have found “how might we” questions to be useful tools. Here's how to write one.
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