Electrical & Software Engineering

System electronics content is one of the fastest growing and most diverse elements of new product development. Electrical engineering success often depends upon familiarity with a broad range of emerging technologies and the ability to combine them for projects.

Expertise for a connected world

With the rapid pace of adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in both consumer and industrial products, having a multidisciplinary team that includes electrical engineers is increasingly important. From designing complex, integrated LED systems to powering sensors in tiny devices, our team has the skill to make the Internet of Things or IoT a powerful experience for users.

Hardware Development

  • Analog circuitry
  • Digital circuitry
  • Power electronics
  • Embedded system firmware
  • Digital signal processing
  • RF integration (WiFi, Bluetooth (Classic, LE, 5), 802.15.4/Zigbee, LoRa, Cellular, RFID, NFC)
  • Communications interfaces (USB, RS484, RS232, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, CANOpen)
  • Motion control
  • Battery management
  • LED lighting
  • FPGA programming
  • Circuit board layout
  • Prototyping
  • User interface design
  • Optical system development

System Design

  • Specification development
  • Architecture conceptualization
  • Functional partitioning
  • Closed loop control
  • System protection definition and solutions
  • EMI/EMC compliance solutions
  • Signal integrity simulation and analysis
  • Design For manufacturability
  • Hazard analysis
  • Design for service
  • Design for test

Cloud Connectivity

  • HTTP
  • SMS
  • TCP
  • UDP

Software Development

  • Agile development methodologies
  • Automated code documentation (Doxygen)
  • Static code analysis
  • C/C++/C#/VB/Java
  • Python/LUA/JavaScript

Application Development

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows


  • Code Composer Studio
  • Atmel Studio
  • QT
  • STM32 ODE
  • Altium Designer
  • JIRA Software
  • SourceTree / BitBucket

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