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Create cohesive brand experiences with Delve's multidisciplinary team

Connecting all of your brand’s touchpoints requires a team that takes a holistic approach: System-thinking designers who can address the complex needs of your brand to unify the experience through expertise in:

  • Definition
  • Concept generation
  • Concept development
  • Concept refinement
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Designers with discipline and rigor
The stakes are high in designing products, especially medical devices.

At Delve, we tackle complex healthcare challenges alongside our dedicated human factors engineers to balance technical requirements with human-centered user needs.

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Delivering standout brands
Expressing and amplifying your B2C brand in the context of today’s consumer trends and behaviors is our passion.

Not reinventing it for ourselves. We have the process to help your brand stand out and your product compete. Our team is agile, so you can deliver exciting solutions in time for your next sales cycle.

Our Recent Thinking

Better way digital physical med devices thumbnail
A Better Way to Develop a Medical Device with Digital and Physical Elements
Next-generation medical devices with hardware-software interactions need a new, holistic development methodology.

Our Work

Baebies logo 174x174
"Delve brings strengths that we don't have, which is why I'm looking forward to working with them again."
Vamsee Pamula, Founder & President, Baebies
06 Tiki 3 W5 A3811 retouched
Lamplight: TIKI Brand Fire Pit
People love sitting around an outdoor fire. In 2018, fire pits were rated as the most popular outdoor design feature by the American Society of Landscape Architects. But there are plenty of things people don’t like – the difficulty of starting a fire, smelling like smoke, and the mess.
NEW20160701 1analogic hero 3
BK Ultrasound: Sonic Window
Delve helped BK Ultrasound bundle its game-changing technology into a widely adopted, easy to use, award-winning medical device.
Black & Decker: Cordless Mower with Muscle
Insights from design research led to engineering and design features for a new kind of cordless mower that lures gas loyalists and cuts down competition.
BD Diagnostics: New Product Brand Strategy
Strategic, actionable branding guidelines bring BD Diagnostics into the future and provide a roadmap as they develop and acquire more products.
HERO Pet Safe Collar
PetSafe: Smart Dog Collar
The PetSafe smart dog collar debuts a new visual brand language for PetSafe that complements a compact, sleek, and contoured profile, designed to please both dogs and their humans.
2fellowes hero darker
Fellowes Branded Air Purifiers
Delve created a line of air purifiers designed to showcase and strengthen Fellowes’s longstanding brand values.

Eager to jump from field research and contextual inquiry to ideation? Don't.

Mathieu Turpault THUMB
Use the ‘Jobs, Outcomes, and Constraints’ method to exploit the pause between research and ideation. It will enable you to move into ideation confident that you're working from something more than a hunch.
Mathieu Turpault, VP of Design, Delve

Articles and Insights

2024 01 03 anthropomorphic HERO
How Anthropomorphic Form Shapes Product Design
Humans are drawn to anthropomorphic form in product design. Here's how industrial and interaction designers can use this as a tool.
2024 01 04 Four Steps to Right Color HERO
Four Steps to the “Right” Color in Product Design
40-90% of consumers base their buying decisions on color. Learn how to apply user-first design thinking to finding the right color in product design.
HEADER whatisid
Industrial Design’s Past, Present, and Future: The Evolution of a Profession
Delve's VP of Design Mathieu Turpault reflects on major changes in industrial design in the last 25 years and predicts where it's headed.
06 Article Dorr Aesthetic Trends
How to Leverage Aesthetic Design Trends in Product Design
When applied appropriately aesthetic design enhances the sophistication, functionality and overall value of a product. Try tuning into the following core aesthetic design trends to inspire your next creation.
2024 05 24 DFM 7 things HERO
Design for Manufacturing: 7 Things Every Designer Should Know
When done well, DFM prevents quality issues and eliminates manufacturing waste. It de-risks new product development by preventing the costly scenario of learning about manufacturability issues when you’re about to launch.
2023 05 15 Should you incorporate soft goods HERO
When to Use Soft Goods in Product Design
To develop the best version of your product, have you considered leveraging softer materials?

Our Design Team

We are curious and look at the world differently. Our team is excited by designing solutions that actually meet people’s needs and solve their problems. We champion user needs as far into implementation as possible by carrying through insights and learnings from discovery and concept testing.

Industrial Design Services

Our team of expert designers can assist you with your product design no matter what stage your concept is at. All of our services are specifically tailored to your industrial design needs.


  • Design objectives and requirements
  • Brand definition
  • Visual mapping
  • Style boards
  • Competitive assessment

Concept Generation

  • Preliminary CAD component layouts and configurations
  • Ergonomic evaluation and layouts
  • Low-fidelity mockups (foam, foamcore board)
  • Multiple 2D sketch concepts
  • 2D sketch storyboarding

Concept Development

  • Preferred concepts developed in preliminary CAD
  • Low-fidelity 3D printed models (fabrication for large-scale products)
  • Rendered concept images
  • VR simulation
  • Initial CMF and branding exploration

Concept Refinement

  • Single preferred concept refined in CAD
  • Production CAD surfaces with tooling draft, part breakup and wall thickness offset
  • Appearance model (non-working)
  • CMF and branding refinement
  • Rendering and animation

Let's build something together.