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Dishing it out
Reviewing restaurants provides insight into what makes some businesses thrive while others falter.
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Embracing the Old School
Sometimes we need to embrace our inner Janet Jackson and be the ones in control.
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Details, details, details
What's in a flange? Well, when it comes to product design, it's the attention to details that can make all the difference.
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What eight little girls re-taught me about design thinking
Leading an after-school fashion design and sewing club reveals the truisms behind design thinking.
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Aging in Place
Technology is making it easier to stay in the home and community you love as you age. That's a wonderful thing.
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Developing an introvert’s superpower
Do you know someone who can absorb a vast amount of complex information about a problem and combine it into a cohesive, elegant solution?
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Active procrastination and passive thinking
Instead of a nice story that reads like your favorite episode of This American Life, here’s a few thoughts on things I’ve noticed over the last couple months.
2023 12 22 experience design healthcare HERO
Experience Design and Healthcare: Wicked Problem and Inspiring Challenge
Experience design is a field prepared to help healthcare workers effectively use new diagnostic technologies, but it is a pretty wicked problem to tackle.
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Designing for the Apocalypse
A few months ago, I was able to experience co-creation from the client side of things. I signed up for a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE workshop at Door County Forgeworks.
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IDers Are from Mars, IxDers Are from Venus
No need to pick sides. Become a hybrid designer instead.
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It's really interesting to see how companies choose to react when they’re under a ton of competitive pressure. It can be easy for companies to get conservative.
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BioReactor Could Have Big Impact on Saving Small Hearts
Using the BioReactor we helped design and manufacture, Dr. Hopkins' team have reached a milestone in developing a process for replacing pediatric heart valves.
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Why Designers Are Not Artists
Making a difference and calling attention to important issues through design is more achievable once designers get over the fact that they're not artists.
2024 01 04 Sustainability in Medical Devices HERO
Working Toward Sustainable Medical Device Design
Manufacturers that lead the way towards sustainable medical device design will gain significant business advantages over those that sit on the sidelines.
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Introducing HACME Corporation: Solving problems you didn't know you had
Imagine a future where emerging technology — wearable sensors and 3D printers — are so accessible they’re embedded into most everyday objects
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Leonardo da Vinci and UX: The Interview
How might Leonardo da Vinci operate as a UX designer in the year 2014? I sent him a time machine and asked him.
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From Human Factors to User Experience: What’s In A Name?
We recently changed the name of our user interface design team to Interaction Design. The latter encompasses the dynamics of a user’s interaction with a system — including the user’s perceptual, cognitive, and physical interaction with the system, as well as the system’s response to the user.
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Blending Electrical Engineering into Our Speed-to-Market Culture
As the world and its devices have grown more electrical, Delve has followed suit.
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What We’re Losing with the Loss of Patent Illustration
If your design requires a photorealistic image to show it is different from prior designs, it may not be innovative enough.
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Ideas on Design Thinking for Small Business
How about smaller companies who don’t have the budget for an innovation lab or the leeway to afford failed experiments? How can they get in on Design Thinking?
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Industrial Designers, Design Your Future #3: Be Flexible
In my first two posts about the future of design I outlined a few ways product designers should set themselves up to thrive in their careers. In this last post I’ll step back for a broader view of some waves of change headed our way.
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Industrial Designers, Design Your Future #2: Be Nimble
As design and manufacturing become more commoditized, strategy to inform product experiences will be valued higher than implementation. This is good news for product designers who love digging into upfront work.
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Industrial Designers, Design Your Future #1: Be Tactical
As the emphasis in industrial design (ID) continues to shift from form toward user interface (UI) and other elements of human to computer interaction, industrial designers will need to figure out how to thrive in a digital environment.
HEADER How To Protect
How To Protect UI with Design Patents
User interface design patents are more important than ever. Here are tips for designers on how to make the UI patent process work for you.
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